Intro to Roob’s Community


Intro about Roobs. Lets see……..


We are bridging art and utility while building a great community around our digital characters for all members in the entertainment industry. Everybody should have a meta identity and be part of the metaverse future. Yes, we are creating an exclusive “ Roobs Community “.

The Beginning

Project was founded by a team of 5 designers and artists in September 2021. They wanted to create a unique concept different to anything around. They have started working on a short story about 5 characters.

Each character is based on each of the designer’s / artist’s styles and personalities. The created a book called “ The Chronicles of Roob “ .

It’s a story book talking about the adventure of 5 characters. Roob the Sloth , Boof the Mammoth, Toot the Squirrel, Hooch the Tiger & Wooz the Weasel.

The team then started on the first draft of “Sloth Roob “ character in such way that is connected to the revolution of the metaverse entrainment space. 5,353 unique iconic digital characters of Sloth Roobs were created to be minted on the Ethereum space.

The Future

5,353 unique iconic digital characters of Sloth Roobs will be ready to connect with their holders and give them a unique meta identity. They will be available to mint on ERC-721 smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain very soon.

Sloth Roobs are PFP with instant rarity ranking and unique meta identity for their holders. Upon the completion of Sloth Roob minting, our team will be releasing the next phase of the project which is the launch of the other 4 collections “ Boof the Mammoth, Toot the Squirrel, Hooch the Tiger & Wooz the Weasel “ .

Upon the completion of the 5 collections, our partner (well-known story writer) ( Yes, its Top Secret ) will be publishing the full story book of “ Chronicles of Roob “.

Perks for Holder

  • Holders of these unique NFTs will be rewarded a priority position to acquire future released NFTs . Yes, we call it “ Roobs List “ , we don’t call it “ Whitelist “ when you with us.
  • Collect, Trade & have fun with our NFTs in market places .
  • Access to a special edition of “ The Chronicles of Roob “ story book once published.
  • Exclusive membership to the “ Roobs club “ and their community giveaways.
  • Exclusive access to projects voting system and holders votes.

The Team

Our team is an excellent combination of technology and strategy. team members are experts from the traditional art industry with experience in renowned art institutions.

Our core members include professional engineers with blockchain and cryptography related experience from leading internet companies. We like to consider ourselves a leading player in the NFT field both in terms of its team and technical capacity.

  • Mono, Co-founder, Artist & Business Manager.
  • Luke, Co-founder, Business Development.
  • Chase, Co-founder, Artist & Project Manager.
  • Mohammad, Co-founder, Artist & Marketing Manager.
  • Yullia, Illustration & Pixels.
  • Omotosho, Technology Development.
  • Hamid, Marketing & Community Engagement.
  • Rahul, Graphic Designer.
  • Mbot, Writer & Content Creation.

Sloth Roob Official Collection

Sloth Roob is the first most iconic digital character from DWCC’s book ”The Chronicles of Roob”. Some would argue SlothRoob is from the ice age period. SlothRoob was in a deep, centuries-long sleep and just woke up. After a century-long sleep, a total of 9,990 Sloth Roobs are now roaming the Ethereum metaverse in search of their friends human fans & collectors.

Sloth Roob NFT is a collection of 5,353 unique iconic digital characters inspired by the Digital Web Creation Club’s book — The Chronicles of Roob.

This limited edition comprises characters that have its special rarity and traits providing a secure certification of authenticity.

We are building something phenomenal as DWCC will become a premier hub for crypto enthusiasts, NFTs and Sloth Roob fans. Owners of these digital NFTs will be entitled to special perks in the Sloth Roob metaverse in the future as this is a key that grants holders entrance to the metaverse we are building.

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Digital Web Creation Club | Roob Chronicles

Bridging art & utility while building great community around digital characters for all Roobs members in the entertainment verse.